BTECH APRS-K2 Cable (K2 to TRRS Connector) for BaoFeng, BTECH BF-F8HP, UV-82HP, UV-5X3 (APRSpro, APRSDroid, Compatible - Android, iOS)

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• BTECH APRS-K2 TRRS / APRS Cable - Sold by BaoFeng Tech - ensure BaoFengTech is your selected distributor to guarantee accuracy in receiving what is described

• Using the APRS-K2 Cable - you can begin using over-the-air (internet not necessary) APRS today!

• Also use the APRS-K2 cable for: APRS, Audio Recording, Line-out, Line-in, and More!

• A must-have interface cable to provide an easy solution for connecting your radio to your applications and equipment.

• Includes: APRS-K2 Cable, Reverse Connector Adaptor, Quick Start Guide


Easily interface audio in/out of BTECH and BaoFeng Radios

Recommended applications for plug and play use:
iOS: APRSpro (Available in iOS App Store)
Android: APRSDroid (Available on Amazon and Google Play Store)

A simple way to start using APRS by using devices you already own. The BTECH APRS-K2 Cable will quickly connect your radio to APRS by using virtual TNC (app driven) on your tablet or device. The APRS-K2 cable is built with a custom circuit board that will automatically adjust the audio for clear packet transmissions with minimal adjustment; along with protecting your devices from strong over modulated signals.

Along with allowing APRS functionality the APRS-K2 cable can provide a simple interface gateway to allow several features to your radio!

Easily record radio conversations: By connecting the APRS-K2 cable between your radio and any recording (line-in) device.

Use the APRS-K2 cable as a Mic In Connector: Set up VOX on your radio to accept any form of incoming audio - such as a Push-to-talk application on a Phone - or a Line-out application from your computer.

Use the APRS-K2 cable to push transmissions over a speaker system: Easily play audio over a intercom or speaker system from your handheld.

With a backup radio and your own ingenuity, the APRS-K2 cable can serve as an interface for a variety of applications for any amateur.

Compatible with Kenwood K2 Accessory Slot Radios (such as BaoFeng, BTECH, Wouxun, TYT)

Compatible with all phones, tablets, and computers with 3.5MM Audio In/Out Ports

APRS-K2 Cable
Reverse Connector Adaptor
Quick Start Guide

Availability: In stock
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